Rep. Sue Wilson (Cheyenne) serves on the board of the Wyoming Coalition Against Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence, which provides services for shelters and programs throughout the state.

She is also currently sponsoring an anti-LGBT bill (HB-135) that would, among other things, allow any of these shelters and programs to legally turn away gay and transgendered people who need help—and still keep their state funding.

Turning away a victim of domestic violence or sexual assault because s/he is gay or transgendered is disgusting. It is deeply troubling that someone who holds sway over our statewide coalition to help these victims would be a primary advocate for legally protecting such inhuman behavior.

CALL OR EMAIL REP. WILSON to tell her that all victims of domestic violence and sexual assault deserve help, and ask her to remove her name from this awful bill.

Rep. Sue Wilson

307-316-7497 (work)


  • Be firm but polite.

  • Introduce yourself, say where you’re from, and certainly mention if you live in Rep. Wilson’s district (don’t know? click here).

  • Make your message personal—it will be more powerful. If you have relevant experience, share it.

  • Want to contact other state representatives about this bill? Click here for their contact info.


If HB-135 passes, it will be the most oppressive and wide-ranging anti-LGBT law in the nation. It would essentially protect anyone’s right to discriminate against LGBT people—from wedding cake bakers to government workers to doctors who refuse to treat a gay couple’s child. It would also make municipal nondiscrimination ordinances that protect LGBT people illegal, stripping towns’ abilities to create more inclusive environments.

HB-135 is scheduled to go to committee next week, its first step to becoming law. We need to stop it in its tracks.

Rep. Sue Wilson

Rep. Sue Wilson