Southside sabotage!
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"What is this mess?"

Grassroots pushback prompts Wyo. lawmakers to think twice about splitting Southside Cheyenne’s vote

An amendment to the “redistricting” bill in the Wyoming House on Wednesday would have been a major setback for voting rights advocates for Southside Cheyenne. But Laramie County lawmakers responding to their constituents vowed to bring a fix on Thursday.
For God and Country, we want More Government!

We, The Government, are Wasteful, Fraudulent, and Abusive: Therefore we must GROW government and increase Waste, Fraud, and Abuse!

In a guest editorial, Wyoming's premiere legislators lay out their rationale behind Senate File 50, which would create a new branch of government to help inform on people accused of waste, fraud, and abuse.
These incumbents will all have to run against their colleagues if the proposed map becomes law.

Proposed election map would force 16 Wyo. legislators into runoffs

Sitting legislators often fight to ensure “redistricting” does not pit them against their colleagues in upcoming elections. But the current election district map that looks headed for the 2022 session will force 16 lawmakers to run against each other if they want to stay in the Legislature. We’ll see who comes forth to ask for squiggly lines to be drawn around their homes to protect their seats.
Attendees of a Healthy Wyoming vigil in Cheyenne last fall.

Medicaid expansion has momentum as the Wyo Legislature’s 2022 session approaches

Advocates for healthcare access have built a grassroots movement to convince lawmakers to finally expand the state's program. But procedural hurdles during the "budget session" remain.
Zigzags in the boundary lines clearly dodge the homes of sitting Wyoming legislators.

New proposed Wyoming voting map gerrymanders Albany and Laramie Counties

As “redistricting” proceeds, Wyoming lawmakers have adopted a new draft map that gives outsized influence to rural lawmakers, decreases the number of viable Democratic seats in Albany County, and zig-zags around the homes of some Laramie County legislators in an embarrassing display of gerrymandering.
Let's just stay the course with coal, shall we?

Gordon’s proposed budget will keep Wyoming shackled to the fossil fuel industries

State tax revenue has recovered from last year’s bust, and Wyoming is receiving substantial federal pandemic funds. But instead of investing in education, infrastructure, and healthcare—things Wyoming residents need right now and that could help develop our economy in the long term—Gov. Gordon wants to pad the state’s savings account and prop up coal.
Cheyenne is gerrymandered along partisan and racial lines.

Cheyenne is a gerrymandered mess

Lawmakers have drawn voting district lines in Laramie County so that a large bloc of Democrat-leaning neighborhoods are split between five House districts, resulting in an all-GOP Cheyenne delegation. There is also racial gerrymandering splitting the Latino vote.
Send in the clowns.

The Wyo Legislature’s “emergency” session to fight vaccines is political theater at its worst

The special session starting Tuesday in response to new federal COVID-19 directives gives politicians the chance to bluster and beat their chests. But it does little to help normal Wyomingites, even as the state faces multiple crises that have nothing to do with vaccines.

Ten FACTS about Wyoming's Medicaid coverage gap

1. Tens of thousands of people in Wyoming don’t have health…