Cheyenne is gerrymandered along partisan and racial lines.

Cheyenne is a gerrymandered mess

Lawmakers have drawn voting district lines in Laramie County so that a large bloc of Democrat-leaning neighborhoods are split between five House districts, resulting in an all-GOP Cheyenne delegation. There is also racial gerrymandering splitting the Latino vote.
Send in the clowns.

The Wyo Legislature’s “emergency” session to fight vaccines is political theater at its worst

The special session starting Tuesday in response to new federal COVID-19 directives gives politicians the chance to bluster and beat their chests. But it does little to help normal Wyomingites, even as the state faces multiple crises that have nothing to do with vaccines.

Ten FACTS about Wyoming's Medicaid coverage gap

1. Tens of thousands of people in Wyoming don’t have health…
Legislators might cast the votes when it comes to redrawing Wyoming's voter district lines. But county clerks pull the strings.

County clerks: The puppetmasters of Wyoming redistricting

A key part of redrawing Wyoming's voting districts is determining where "communities of interest" exist. No one plays a bigger role in that process than your local county clerk.
RIP Mike Enzi. You got far better treatment than most of us could hope for.

What Mike Enzi’s death says about Wyoming’s healthcare system

The medical treatment the former U.S. Senator received after his recent accident starkly contrasts the Wyoming healthcare system most of us are stuck with—counties that can’t afford ambulances, hospitals that can’t treat patients, and people for whom a trip to the ER means massive medical debt.
Even rich and well-connected people sometimes do time for "straw man" election crimes.

Why Susan Gore might go to prison

The Wyoming Liberty Group founder described allegations that she funded an elaborate spy operation as a “nothingburger.” But that burger might come with a side of prison time if it turns out she’s guilty of serious election crimes. Now that one of the project’s masterminds has been located in Wyoming and subpoenaed, more light might come to the case for investigators.
Gov. Gordon, who has overseen hundreds of millions of dollars in cuts to women-dominated healthcare and education industries, mugs with a miner in an image from his campaign website.

Wyo. lawmakers bend over backwards to support male-dominated industries. Those that employ women? Not so much.

With one hand, Wyoming lawmakers throw support behind the declining coal, oil, and gas industries, providing public investment and political support. With the other hand, they gut sectors where women work like healthcare, education, and retail. No wonder we have the nation’s worst gender wage gap.
Welcome to the wild and weird world of legislative redistricting.

Redistricting is a boring, bonkers, sometimes corrupt process in Wyoming you need to know about

Every 10 years the Wyoming Legislature redraws the voting map that determines which lawmakers represent which people. On its face, “redistricting” is dull. But it’s a critically important process that often invites creativity—as well as creativity’s relatives, corruption and abuse.
"It remains to be seen if Ms. Gore has broken any laws. Common sense says she probably has." - Sven Larson on Susan Gore's spying plot

Ex Wyo Liberty Group staffer “disgusted” by Susan Gore’s spying scheme

Political economist Sven Larson worked 10 years for Gore's Wyoming Liberty Group. In a new statement, he condemns Gore's plot and states she has "wiped out whatever credibility she had."
One of the spies, Sofia LaRocca, enrolled in the Better Wyoming Grassroots Institute.

Right-wing spies target Better Wyoming

Political spies with ties to the Wyoming Liberty Group, Project Veritas, and Blackwater founder Erik Prince targeted Better Wyoming as part of a yearlong operation to gather intel and make secret recordings to weaponize against the organization.
Medicaid expansion typically benefits state budgets and improves residents' health.

Wyoming lawmakers eye funding options for Medicaid upgrade

The Legislature’s Joint Revenue Committee will take up Medicaid expansion this week, with a focus on translating some of the $1.4 billion Wyoming will receive from the American Rescue Plan into sustainable healthcare funding for low-income residents.
Ninety percent of the Department of Health's budget funds community health centers.

Public health cuts hit communities across Wyoming

The Legislature cut more than $100 million from the Wyoming Department of Health’s budget this session, including tens of millions from mental health and substance abuse programs while the state is experiencing a suicide crisis.