Tell the Revenue Committee to support a progressive property tax

The Joint Revenue Committee is considering a property tax proposal that would:

– raise $90 million annually for public education

– increase the tax rate on homes valued at $100,000 by just $11 a month

– and reduce the tax burden on low-income homeowners

After the increase, Wyoming’s residential tax rate would still be 46th in the nation.

Tell the Joint Revenue Committee that you support this proposal to protect Wyoming public schools from funding cuts and to move Wyoming away from its reliance on boom-and-bust minerals.

Use this quick and easy form to send each Revenue Committee member an email with your message. We’ve already filled in the email subject and the first sentence, but we encourage you to change them or add more so committee members aren’t receiving “form” emails—those are less effective. See below for further details.

The Legislature’s Joint Revenue Committee is meeting Dec. 4 to consider new revenue proposals to fund public schools and make up for the current mineral tax shortfall.

Among these proposals is the progressive property tax measure described above, called “LSO-0291.” This proposal is one of the best currently on the table to address Wyoming’s $250 million education budget shortfall and to protect public schools from further funding cuts.

Use this form to tell lawmakers that the people of Wyoming are eager to move away from mineral dependence and that we’re not willing to throw away the gains we’ve made on public education.

Helpful tips for writing the Joint Revenue Committee

Be firm but polite; introduce yourself; explain why this issue is personally important to you.

If your local Senator or Representative is one of the members of the Joint Revenue Committee, make sure you tell him or her that you’re their constituent. (Not sure who your rep. is? Click here.)


The Joint Revenue Committee is:

Sen. Ray Peterson (Cowley)
Sen. Cale Case (Lander)
Sen. Affie Ellis (Cheyenne)
Sen. Dave Kinskey (Sheridan)
Sen. Jeff Wasserburger (Gillette)

Rep. Michael Madden (Buffalo)
Rep. Cathy Connolly (Laramie)
Rep. JoAnn Dayton (Rock Springs)
Rep. Dan Furphy (Laramie)
Rep. Timothy Hallinan (Gillette)

Rep. Mark Kinner (Sheridan)
Rep. Dan Laursen (Powell)
Rep. Jerry Obermueller (Casper)
Rep. Jerry Paxton (Encampment)