Tips on writing your state legislators:

You’ll write your message in the text box on “Part 2” of the form above, after you enter your contact information and click “Next”. Your message will be delivered to your state senator.

Remember to delete “[INSERT YOUR MESSAGE HERE]” before writing your own message.

Click here to read the bill and here for some background on it.


(Use your own words—don’t copy and paste)

Part ONE: Introduce yourself.

My name is _______. I’m a _______ (parent, teacher, coal miner, concerned citizen, etc.) from ________, Wyoming. I’m a voter in your district.

Part TWO: Say what you want.

Please vote “NO” on Senate File 75, which would strip local control from city councils, school boards, and other elected officials over deciding what’s best when it comes to carrying guns.

Part THREE: Say why you want it.

[Write a sentence or two about why this is important to you]

WARNING: Don’t write a novel. Lawmakers are very busy during the session and they will not read any long message.

PRO TIP: Change the “Subject Line” of your message to give it a better chance of being read (because it will look less like spam).


The Second Amendment doesn’t say anything about everyone being able to carry guns everywhere, even with a conceal-carry permit. Local communities and local elected officials know best when it comes to deciding when and where guns are appropriate.