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holding hands with elderly patient at hospital

Wyoming’s healthcare system is struggline. We can do better.  

Too many Wyoming people and families – from the farmers who grow our food to the servers in our restaurants – work hard in our communities but can’t afford health insurance. And as more and more hospitals and health clinics cut back services and raise prices, even folks with insurance have trouble accessing healthcare.

Wyoming could secure healthcare access for all working families. We could help keep rural hospitals open and running. We could have a thriving healthcare industry and infrastructure to support the future of our economy. But we need the courage to say ‘yes.’

There are more federal funds than ever for Wyoming if we expand Medicaid. 

The federal government has set aside money to expand Medicaid across the nation. Nearly every other state has welcomed this federal support to keep their families healthy and to grow their economies. But Wyoming lawmakers have turned down this funding for years, abandoning our communities, our economy, and our loved ones. 

Healthier families mean stronger communities and a better Wyoming economy.

Medicaid expansion will bring tens of millions of federal dollars to Wyoming each year, creating good-paying jobs and making us competitive in retaining skilled workers and young people. Increased coverage reduces sick days, boosts productivity, and reduces the burden of under or uninsured workers, lowering the cost of healthcare for all of us. In short, healthier families strengthen both our communities and our economy. Add your name if you agree.