Your message should go in the box that says “Personalize your message”

***First, delete [INSERT YOUR MESSAGE HERE] from the message box***

Your message should have three parts.

  • Tell them who you are. Your name, where you live, any pertinent details. This message is going to your local State Representative, so make sure you tell them you live in their district.
  • Tell them what you want. In this case, you want them to VOTE “NO” on Senate File 23, “Possession of nonplant form marihuana.” Simple as that.
  • Tell them why you want it. You can elaborate a bit, but keep it short.

Some things you might mention (DO NOT COPY AND PASTE):

  • The rest of the world is moving toward decriminalization and legalization of marijuana for good reasons. The War on Drugs has failed. Don’t move Wyoming in the wrong direction.
  • Laws such as these predominantly target young people. This would hurt Wyoming’s ability to retain its youthful talent.
  • People often eat marijuana for its medical effects. Don’t criminalize these folks. Weed is healthier than opioids.
  • It makes no sense to determine a legal penalty for a weed edible by the weight of the entire cookie. Why is a huge cookie with barely any THC worse than a small cookie with lots of THC? If you’re going to make new pot laws, at least make them sensible.

PRO TIP: Change the “Subject” of the message so lawmakers don’t get a bunch of emails that look like they’re from Russian bots