Be firm but polite


Introduce yourself—this is going to your representative, so let him/her know you’re in their district


If, like us, you’re a gun owner—say so. It lets them know you’re not ideologically anti-gun and are speaking from a perspective of reason (not to say non gun owners are unreasonable)


Be personal—if you have relevant experience, share it


If you’re a student at UW, but you’re from somewhere else in the state, write your Senator back home using your folks’ address.


The Senator from Laramie is definitely voting against this and your voice will be more powerful elsewhere in Wyoming.

For more information about the bills, click here and here


Some things you might mention about the bills:

Fringe activists are pushing these bills. The people these laws would most affect don’t want them. No one on campus is calling for concealed weapons, and neither are BLM staffers who oversee land use hearings.


Campuses and government meetings are safe. The University of Wyoming, for instance, has a full-time security staff of armed and trained guards. There is nothing to suggest the need for self-appointed vigilante gunslingers.


A student or worker on campus can already get a concealed-carry permit through the UW security office if they need one.


The university and colleges are in bad need of funding and are trying to attract students from out of state. People in other places aren’t as gung ho about guns and this definitely won’t help recruit them.


Students on campus often experiment with drugs and alcohol, and Wyoming’s youth suicide rate is double the national rate. Introducing guns makes it easier for distressed students to act on deadly impulses.


Both campuses and government meetings are places where people should be able to speak freely, and where things often get heated. Introducing guns to these situations at once chills speech and increases the chance for violence.