Bill to restore nonviolent felons’ voting rights barely survives committee

February 26, 2017

People with non-violent felonies on their records came a step closer to automatically having their voting rights restored in Wyoming on Friday, but the real test will come Monday.

That’s the deadline for all House bills to clear Committee of the Whole in the Senate, or die on the […]

Campus carry is dead (while bills to allow guns in government meetings and public schools advance)

February 24, 2017

It’s happened before, but it’s still a surprise when one of the most controversial bills of a legislative session is voted on without a word of debate. That’s what happened in the Senate Thursday when members chose not to discuss a bill to allow concealed carry of firearms […]

Two anti-abortion bills pass first vote in the Senate; two votes to go

February 23, 2017

You might say the Wyoming Senate took two steps backward Thursday for women’s rights to make their own reproductive decisions. But that’s not nearly a strong enough metaphor—the 19 lawmakers who passed these two totally unnecessary and invasive anti-abortion bills sprinted at least a mile in the wrong […]

Senate Judiciary Committee guts marijuana reform bill (but rules for edible THC might finally make the books)

February 22, 2017

People hoping to see state lawmakers meaningfully reduce penalties for possessing small amounts of marijuana in plant form were hosed Wednesday by the Senate Judiciary Committee, with a great deal of help from law enforcement.

Currently, a first conviction for possessing less than three ounces of marijuana in Wyoming is […]

WEA official: Doing nothing on education funding is better than Legislature’s plan

February 21, 2017

Warning of a “disastrous effect” on K-12 funding, a Wyoming Education Association official Tuesday said the Legislature would be better off doing nothing instead of passing either education funding bill lawmakers are currently debating.

“They would still have enough money to pay for education next year ,” […]

As committee hands marijuana bill over to police lobbyists, NORML threatens to withdraw support

February 16, 2017

The director of the Wyoming chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) said late Thursday that any changes made in a bill to reduce penalties for small amounts of marijuana would cause his organization to pull its support for the proposal.

Frank Latta, a […]

Senate Judiciary Committee green-lights gun bills for debate on the floor

February 15, 2017

The Wyoming Senate hasn’t passed a gun-related bill in the past five years—with no shortage of opportunities. This has provided a sense of optimism for people who oppose two bills currently under consideration that would allow concealed guns on college campuses and in government meetings.

But House Bills 136 […]

What lawmakers talk about when they talk about cutting public services

February 14, 2017

Wyoming House members who decided the budget fate of two social services programs last Friday described the process as “painful” and “gut-wrenching.” Some supported proposals to fund the initiatives against the wishes of the powerful Joint Appropriations Committee (JAC), while others toed the line and supported keeping in place cuts […]

Judiciary Committee to puff on weed bill a while longer before passing it to the full Senate

February 13, 2017

The Senate Judiciary Committee Monday discussed what legislators call an “old friend”: a bill that returns year after year in a different version but never passes.

House Bill 197, officially called the Marijuana and THC Products Policy Reform Act (and colloquially called ‘That Edible Pot Bill’) passed the House […]

Refusing to raise new revenue, lawmakers take a slash-and-burn approach to education funding

February 12, 2017

Education in Wyoming is about to see the bottom drop out of its funding, as the reverberations from recent years’ economic busts hit classrooms full-force.

Wyoming’s public education system is ranked high nationally, the result of decades of strong investment mandated by the State Constitution (and a 1995 state […]