Gov. Matt Mead says "Get that imprecisely crafted bill out of my face." The House obliged.

House upholds Mead’s veto of pipeline protest bill, killing it for good (until next year)

The Legislature needed a two-thirds vote from each chamber to override Mead's veto. The Senate mustered the votes, but the House did not.
Sen. Leland Christensen is the sponsor of SF-74, which passed the Senate unchanged but has been heavily amended by the House.

House amendments might scuttle a consensus vote on pipeline protest bill

The Senate left the bill much as ALEC wrote it. But amendments in the House to address free speech and landowner concerns imight make it difficult to reconcile the two versions before the 2018 session closes.
The Legislature won't be threatening these children's education ... for now.

Rumors of a budget deal suggest no deep cuts to public schools this year

This session that saw threats of public school funding cuts as large as $80 million a year. But as a final deal nears, only a small fraction of those cuts remain, which education advocates are scoring as a win.
Rep. Charles Pelkey (D-Laramie) pointed out that the East India Tea Company would have loved using SF-74 to arrest the patriots who carried out the Boston Tea Party protest of 1773.
The saga of Senate File 74 is not over yet. The controversial ALEC-written bill to severely punish pipeline protestors like those at Standing Rock with...