Foster and his zany school bill crew. From rear: Sen. Mike Gierau, former U.S. Congresswoman Cynthia Lummis, Sen. Eli Bebout, Stephen Friess, Foster Friess

Foster Friess’ Magic School Bill rides into the law books — 2019 Legislative recap

Gov. Mark Gordon allowed the bill to become law today without signing it. The debate over what Gordon called “flawed” legislation pitted “school choice” advocates against defenders of local control.
Under the new law, doctors face punishment for failing to report detailed information about abortions and the women who receive them.

Wyoming’s new abortion reporting law will help anti-choice activists harass doctors and women — 2019 Legislative recap

It was the third law passed in three years in Wyoming to attack women’s reproductive rights. Prior to 2017, an anti-abortion law had not passed here in nearly 30 years. Three other anti-choice bills proposed in 2019 were defeated.
Reps. Jared Olsen, Tyler Lindholm, and Brian Boner were right-leaning advocates and co-sponsors of the death penalty repeal bill.

Young conservatives led the most successful push in Wyoming’s history to end capital punishment — 2019 Legislative recap

Capital punishment is expensive, violates the sanctity of life, gives government too much power, and has grave consequences when it’s misapplied. For these and other reasons—put forth mainly by young conservatives—the Wyoming Legislature came very close to ending the death penalty this year.
The Legislature huffed and puffed and, in the end, maintained the status quo.

Wyoming Legislature rejects all Medicaid-related bills, good, bad, and otherwise — 2019 Legislative recap

Proposals to expand Medicaid, to study Medicaid expansion, and to impose work requirements on Medicaid recipients all died this session.