Rep. Richard Tass (pictured without troublesome sports jacket)

Freshman Wyoming state legislator calls his anti-abortion bill "a gift" to pregnant women

Rep. Richard Tass said a mandatory 48-hour waiting period would give women the chance to reconsider, since having an abortion is not like buying a sports jacket that doesn't fit.
(from left) Sens. Cale Case, Bill Landen, and Charlie Scott voted to kill SF-32

Wyoming Republican leadership wanted closed primaries. The rank-and-file said 'no thanks'

A bill to ban party-switching at the polls died in an all-Republican Senate committee who said they'd heard strong opposition from their constituents.
Students and teachers will both be better off with less emphasis placed on standardized testing.

House committee votes to remove standardized test scores from Wyoming teacher evaluations

The practice of judging teachers by their students' standardized test scores has been criticized since it was adopted in Wyoming prior to the federal No Child Left Behind Act.
(From left) Sens. Chris Rothfuss, Lynn Hutchings, Hank Coe, and Bill Landen voted unanimously to move Foster's bill ahead.

Foster Friess’ pet private school bill moves forward

Senators shrugged off concerns over local control and potential lawsuits to further special legislation on behalf of the billionaire's private religious academy.