Actual image of Wyoming lawmakers redrawing the state's election map
One sitting Wyoming lawmaker has actually married a child, and another opposed HB-7 because he said the children in his district are "pretty mature."

Session recap: You gotta fight for your right … to marry children

Religious fundamentalists in the Wyoming Freedom Caucus and the Wyoming State GOP fought tooth and nail for the “freedom” to continue marrying children. Fortunately, this was one of many fights that they lost in 2023, as the Legislature passed its first law prohibiting marriage for children under 16.
Grassroots advocates and legislative healthcare champs celebrate with Governor Gordon

The winding road to Wyoming’s biggest healthcare access win in a decade

A bill to extend Medicaid coverage for uninsured new Wyoming moms faced opposition from the so-called “Freedom Caucus,” legislative leaders, and the Wyoming State GOP. But a coalition of healthcare access advocates and pro-life lawmakers pushed “Medicaid for Moms” all the way to the governor’s desk.
Why write your own bills when you can just copy them from Florida!?

“Florida Bills” (mostly) fail at the Wyoming Legislature

Wyoming and Florida are worlds apart by most standards. But a raft of bills inspired by laws in the Sunshine State have come forth during the 2023 session, as so-called “Freedom Caucus” members seek to fight Critical Race Theory, transgender athletes, and other non-issues in Wyoming.
No public money will be paid to private religious schools and no librarians will be arrested ... for now.

Lawmakers defeat bills targeting Wyo. public schools and libraries

Proposals brought by the so-called "Freedom Caucus" to divert public money to private and religious schools and to criminalize librarians for "obscene" books have all failed this session.
Rep. Rachel Rodriguez-Williams and Sen. Tim Salazar are sponsors of abortion bans that won't hold up in court.

All the Wyo. Legislature’s unconstitutional abortion bans

Two bills poised to pass the Wyoming Legislature in 2023 double down on last year's "trigger ban" by adding further restrictions, including removing exceptions for incest and rape and banning pharmaceutical abortion. But both new laws will certainly be challenged in court and they likely will not stand.
Think you'll get to vote for the primary candidate of your choice? Think again!

Wyo Legislature once again looks to restrict primary voting

A Wyoming Senate Committee that has already killed one "crossover voting" ban during the 2023 legislative session is set to hear another—the last one standing. But party purists in years past have gone to great (and shady) lengths to restrict primary voting, so it's anyone's guess what will happen.
Under the proposed law, librarians could face one year in jail if prosecutors decide their collections contain "obscene" material.

Freedom Caucus bill would prosecute Wyoming librarians as child pornographers

The bill would remove protections for librarians against overzealous government censorship, opening them up to prosecution for child pornography and obscenity. Fortunately, some in Wyoming are fighting back against banning books and demonizing librarians.
Freedom Caucus members Jeanette Ward (Casper), Chip Neiman (Hulett), and Sarah Penn (Lander) are leading the effort to decrease health coverage for new Wyoming moms.

Will the Wyo. “Freedom Caucus” kill health coverage for new moms?

A bill to stop the rollback of Wyoming Medicaid coverage for uninsured new moms has broad support. Advocates for HB-4 say it will ensure the health and well-being of both mothers and their babies. But Freedom Caucus member Rep. Chip Neiman, who as House Majority Floor Leader can unilaterally kill any bill he wants, might not let it see the light of day.
A Casper woman encourages the government to respect her healthcare freedom.

Wyo. lawmakers propose first batch of post-Roe abortion laws

Two bills would follow last year’s “trigger ban” to further restrict reproductive rights, while a third would return Wyoming to its pre-2022 status quo.
Actual image of Wyoming lawmakers redrawing the state's election map

Save the politicians, screw the people: “Redistricting” showed the bald self interest that drives the Wyoming Legislature

Members of the public made clear their wishes for better representation during the Wyoming Legislature’s 2022 “redistricting” process. But in the end, the chaotic ordeal confirmed that most lawmakers’ number one priority is protecting their own political interests.