House Revenue Committee kills oil and gas tax break

The proposal was sponsored by Eli Bebout, who's the president of both the Wyoming State Senate and Nucor Oil and Gas, LLC.

Senate passes oil and gas tax break while Wyoming faces a budget crisis

The Senate's cuts to education are apparently their way of paying for tax breaks for oil and gas companies.

Senate panel can’t move fast enough to give oil industry a tax break

The tax break would benefit oil company CEOs like the bill's co-sponsor, Senate President Eli Bebout.

Lawmakers bury tax reform chances, while the need for tax reform remains very alive

No bill to raise revenues survived the first week of the 2018 Legislative session. This means Wyoming will continue to suckle at the teat of the mineral industry, and lawmakers will have no tools to balance the budget other than further cuts.

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Peterson, Curley, and who pays if Wyoming moves away from minerals

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Fearful of proposing new revenues, State Senator uses fake math to argue for education cuts

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