COVID-19 is just one reason why Wyoming should join its Western neighbors and expand mail-in voting.
Cheyenne is gerrymandered along partisan and racial lines.

Cheyenne is a gerrymandered mess

Lawmakers have drawn voting district lines in Laramie County so that a large bloc of Democrat-leaning neighborhoods are split between five House districts, resulting in an all-GOP Cheyenne delegation. There is also racial gerrymandering splitting the Latino vote.
Legislators might cast the votes when it comes to redrawing Wyoming's voter district lines. But county clerks pull the strings.

County clerks: The puppetmasters of Wyoming redistricting

A key part of redrawing Wyoming's voting districts is determining where "communities of interest" exist. No one plays a bigger role in that process than your local county clerk.
Welcome to the wild and weird world of legislative redistricting.

Redistricting is a boring, bonkers, sometimes corrupt process in Wyoming you need to know about

Every 10 years the Wyoming Legislature redraws the voting map that determines which lawmakers represent which people. On its face, “redistricting” is dull. But it’s a critically important process that often invites creativity—as well as creativity’s relatives, corruption and abuse.
Online registration has increased youth voter turnout up to 20 percent in other states.

The silver lining of Wyoming’s new voter ID law: A path to online registration

Wyoming’s new voter ID law will suppress turnout, as similar laws have in other states. But by forcing Wyoming residents to show IDs at the polls, the new law also eliminates the main argument against Wyoming adopting online voter registration, which increases youth voter turnout.
Supporters of the bill presented no evidence of voter fraud in Wyoming, yet claimed it might happen in the future.

Wyoming lawmakers use “voter fraud” hysteria to push ID bill

A bill to require Wyoming voters to present IDs at the polls will pass this session after several years of failure. As the Wyoming State GOP outlines plans to ban mail-in voting and other restrictions, the measure appears the first step in a larger campaign to limit elections in the state.
Wyoming's voter registration laws focus solely on registering at the polls. But this one-trick pony doesn't ride too well when almost half the electorate is voting absentee.

Registering to vote at the polls in Wyoming is great … until it’s not

The main way to register to vote in Wyoming is at the polls. But a huge portion of the state’s electorate is avoiding the polls altogether during COVID-19. As the state’s aggressive voter purge laws disenrolled massive numbers of Wyoming voters, we’re left to wonder whether our registration laws need an update.
Nearly 80 percent of votes across the West went through the mail in 2018. With Wyoming catching on, that figure could be higher in 2020.

FIVE FACTS: Wyoming embraces mail-in voting (sort of)

The COVID-19 pandemic prompted Wyoming Secretary of State Ed Buchanan to send applications for absentee ballots to all registered Wyoming voters. County clerks across the state have received record requests, moving Wyoming in a direction toward mail-in voting that's already widely embraced across the West.
COVID-19 is just one reason why Wyoming should join its Western neighbors and expand mail-in voting.

Wyoming takes meek steps to increase mail-in voting in 2020. It should be doing more.

Vote-by-mail has been proven to dramatically increase voter turnout in our neighbors like Utah, Colorado, and Nebraska. Wyoming state leaders have hinted at an interest in expanding our mail-in program, but they are mostly dragging their feet.