House amendments might scuttle a consensus vote on pipeline protest bill

The Senate left the bill much as ALEC wrote it. But amendments in the House to address free speech and landowner concerns imight make it difficult to reconcile the two versions before the 2018 session closes.

Debate continues over controversial pipeline protest bill

The saga of Senate File 74 is not over yet. The controversial ALEC-written bill to severely punish pipeline protestors like those at Standing Rock with …

Wyoming GOP committeeman Charles Curley under fire for allegedly assaulting female colleague

The alleged assault took place after the Laramie County Republican's Lincoln Day Dinner nearly two weeks ago. Despite being widely witnessed and discussed, the GOP has kept quiet about the incident and Curley has refused to resign.

Oil lobbyists force House committee to re-vote on pipeline protest bill

Even in a state where it's common for lawmakers to roll over and beg for the oil and gas industry, this demonstration of submissiveness by Wyoming's "leaders" was deeply disturbing.

Public outcry and dissent from the medical community help kill Boner’s Bill

Boner's Bill to give "nonviable birth certificates" to women who miscarry pregnancies died in the Senate on Tuesday. Lawmakers lost heart after hearing from so many outraged citizens.

Medicaid expansion dies a quiet, shameful death for the fifth year

The Legislature yet again refused to accept hundreds of millions of federal dollars because they would go toward helping poor people get healthcare.

Five-man Senate committee unanimously passes “Boner’s Bill”

Women who had miscarried pregnancies came out in droves to speak against a bill that would force Wyoming doctors to offer "nonviable birth certificates." But Chairman Charlie Scott shut down discussion so the committeemen could determine what's best.

Senate introduces bill to give birth certificates to miscarried fetuses

The Wyoming State Legislature just can’t resist the urge to barge into doctors’ offices and tell physicians and their female patients what to do during …

Lawmakers propose resolution to combat Porno Madness

Seven men who serve in the Wyoming House of Representatives want the state to declare pornography a “public health crisis.” But their proposed bill doesn’t …

Harassing students is business as usual for longtime bully Bouchard

When freshman Sen. Anthony Bouchard (R-Cheyenne) ran the most extreme pro-gun organization in Wyoming, he used mean, juvenile tactics to try to bully every legislator …