Senate works to nab pot brownie dealers before they strike again

The Senate is diligently working to confront a dangerous threat to Wyoming.

Two criminal justice reform bills sail through the House, as they have in years past. Will they die in the Senate, as they have in years past?

A pair of positive, commonsense criminal justice reform proposals passed House Judiciary Committee this week. But "tough on crime" lawmakers are lurking in the senate, ready to kill any bill that doesn't keep our prisons overflowing with inmates.

The Cuts So Far (Part 5): Corrections – The high cost of quitting prison drug rehab ‘cold turkey’

Wyoming legislators cut the state's prison-based substance abuse programs to save money. But more and more addicts are landing back in prison, continuing the cycle of incarceration and costing the state double what it "saved."

Just what Wyoming needs: More laws to imprison people for marijuana

Dec. 5, 2017 By Better Wyoming staff Late last month the state Legislature’s Joint Judiciary Committee voted to sponsor two new bills that would make …

Proposals to make strangling your wife a “violent” felony test

Nov. 30, 2017 By Better Wyoming staff Strangling your wife is not considered a “violent” crime in Wyoming. Wyoming’s laws protecting women from domestic violence …

More prison or less prison? Judiciary Committee kills a “tough on crime” bill and moves a reform bill forward

Nov. 17, 2017 By Better Wyoming staff After the Good Ol’ Boys killed a comprehensive criminal justice reform bill last legislative session via dirty back-room …

“Actual innocence” expert helps Judiciary Committee see past state lawyer’s preposterous claims

May 3, 2017 Imagine you’re sitting in prison, convicted of a crime you did not commit. One day, three years into your 20-year sentence, your …