Inmates at the Wyoming State Penitentiary in Rawlins might get some breathing room thanks to new reforms.
Wyoming lawmakers continue to be stuck in a "reefer madness" state of mind.

Wyoming legislators make no movement toward commonsense cannabis reform—2019 Legislative recap

Three proposals, dealing with medical cannabis and sentencing reform, lived short lives this session before dying at the hands of short-sighted lawmakers.
What do business owners, law students, military vets, and other citizen lobbyists have in common? They all want commonsense cannabis reform.

Citizen lobbyists push for commonsense cannabis reform at the Wyoming Legislature

A dozen or so people braved the elements one snowy day during the 2019 session to support a hemp bill and educate legislators about the benefits of medical cannabis.
Wyoming's terrain and climate make it well-suited for growing hemp.

Farmers, pain patients, and Wyoming’s economy will benefit from our new hemp law

A bill to legalize hemp survived a last-ditch attack from law enforcement lobbyists and a temporary threat to its funding before it passed its final hurdles in the Legislature this week.
Hemp farming could be a lucrative industry in Wyoming.

Wyoming Senate committee advances hemp and CBD legalization bill

Not a single Wyoming lawmaker has, to date, voted against a proposal to legalize and regulate hemp farming and CBD products. But the bill comes with a price tag, which makes its future uncertain as it moves to the notoriously tight-fisted Senate.
House Bill 171 would clarify Wyoming's confusing CBD laws and develop infrastructure for the hemp farming industry.

House committee approves bill to legalize CBD and spur Wyoming hemp farming

A 9-0 committee vote gives the bill momentum as it moves to the full House for debate. But questions remain whether the Legislature is ready to accept CBD and whether it will provide funding for hemp farming infrastructure.
Wyoming Association of Sheriffs and Chiefs of Police director Byron Oedekoven (left) leads the fight against commonsense cannabis reform with his buddy, Rep. Bill Pownall (right) pictured here while he was a Gillette sheriff.

Law enforcement lobbyists convince House committee to kill CBD bill

CBD oil is essentially harmless. But fear-mongering law enforcement officials convinced legislators that "harmless" is still too dangerous for Wyoming adults.
What a brilliant notion!

The Wyoming Legislature's Judiciary Committee has a great idea: Stop sending so many people (back) to prison

New proposals would reform parole sentencing and increase substance abuse treatment in Wyoming.
Wyoming police lobbyists have gone public with their anti-cannabis crusade.

Why won't Wyoming reform its cannabis laws? Ask a cop lobbyist.

Powerful police lobbyists have convinced the Wyoming State Legislature to ignore citizens' wishes and refuse to reform the state's draconian marijuana laws. Now, they've taken their crusade public.
They ain't legal, but weed brownies like these will go another year without being specifically named in Wyoming law.

Session recap: Another year, another effort to criminalize edible marijuana fails. Is the Legislature getting ready to turn a corner on cannabis?

In killing yet another proposal to criminalize edible cannabis, a House committee doubled down on its position that Wyoming needs marijuana reform
Inmates at the Wyoming State Penitentiary in Rawlins might get some breathing room thanks to new reforms.

Session recap: Criminal justice reform makes progress

After years of failed measures to decrease Wyoming's prison population and otherwise improve the system, 2018 saw several positive bills pass.