Opponents of a proposed Wyoming corporate income tax say it’s unconstitutional. They’re wrong.

Naysayers who don’t want to admit they support Walmart over Wyoming schools are using a bogus technical argument.

House bill would increase state minimum wage to $8.50 per hour

The proposal received the blessing of the Wyoming Restaurant and Lodging Association, even before the committee removed a provision from it that would have slowly raised the wage even more over the next few years.

A Medicaid expansion bill with work requirements passes House committee

Similar measures have failed for each of the past six years, depriving Wyoming of hundreds of millions of dollars and denying low-income residents access to healthcare.

Bill to ban “crossover voting” is brought back to life, demonstrating the Legislature’s shady tactics

The primary voting bill died—again. But the situation showed how back-door pressure, sketchy committee switches, and other behind-closed-doors moves shape what's supposed to be a public process.

The Wyoming Legislature’s Judiciary Committee has a great idea: Stop sending so many people (back) to prison

New proposals would reform parole sentencing and increase substance abuse treatment in Wyoming.

Why won’t Wyoming reform its cannabis laws? Ask a cop lobbyist.

Powerful police lobbyists have convinced the Wyoming State Legislature to ignore citizens' wishes and refuse to reform the state's draconian marijuana laws. Now, they've taken their crusade public.