"What is this mess?"
Abortion bans don't end abortion. They just force women to find other means.

Wyoming edges toward banning abortion

A bill moving through the Wyoming Legislature would completely ban abortion in the state—even in cases of rape and incest—in the event that the U.S. Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade. Another would immediately outlaw “abortion pills,” which can be more readily accessible for Wyoming women unable to travel great distances to end a pregnancy. The progress of these bills demonstrates a radical shift over the past five years in the Legislature’s position on reproductive rights.
"What is this mess?"

Grassroots pushback prompts Wyo. lawmakers to think twice about splitting Southside Cheyenne’s vote

An amendment to the “redistricting” bill in the Wyoming House on Wednesday would have been a major setback for voting rights advocates for Southside Cheyenne. But Laramie County lawmakers responding to their constituents vowed to bring a fix on Thursday.