Rumors of a budget deal suggest no deep cuts to public schools this year

This session that saw threats of public school funding cuts as large as $80 million a year. But as a final deal nears, only a small fraction of those cuts remain, which education advocates are scoring as a win.

Debate continues over controversial pipeline protest bill

SUGGESTED FOR YOU House amendments might scuttle a consensus vote on pipeline protest bill A series of amendments to a proposal that would severely punish …

Medicaid work requirements bill, aimed at Wyoming’s “poorest of the poor,” dies in House committee

Sen. Larry Hicks, the bill's sponsor, said obtaining social services "is not a destination, but a journey."

Wyoming GOP committeeman Charles Curley under fire for allegedly assaulting female colleague

The alleged assault took place after the Laramie County Republican's Lincoln Day Dinner nearly two weeks ago. Despite being widely witnessed and discussed, the GOP has kept quiet about the incident and Curley has refused to resign.

Oil lobbyists force House committee to re-vote on pipeline protest bill

Even in a state where it's common for lawmakers to roll over and beg for the oil and gas industry, this demonstration of submissiveness by Wyoming's "leaders" was deeply disturbing.

House Revenue Committee kills oil and gas tax break

The proposal was sponsored by Eli Bebout, who's the president of both the Wyoming State Senate and Nucor Oil and Gas, LLC.

Senate works to nab pot brownie dealers before they strike again

The Senate is diligently working to confront a dangerous threat to Wyoming.

While the Senate looks to slash education, a House proposal would modernize revenue streams to put less toward savings and more toward schools

The two chambers will meet next week to negotiate a solution. At stake is whether Wyoming will take a more modern approach that saves public schools, or whether it will stubbornly keep pouring money into savings and decimate education.

Senate passes oil and gas tax break while Wyoming faces a budget crisis

The Senate's cuts to education are apparently their way of paying for tax breaks for oil and gas companies.

The Legislature’s education funding debate is on track for public school disaster

Conflicting egos, draconian cuts, and a staunch refusal to raise new revenues spell disaster for Wyoming education.