Should zygotes have the same rights as the women who carry them?

A bill that would give zygotes the rights of humans passes Senate committee

Senate File 128 is what’s called a “fetal personhood” bill—a cookie-cutter proposal from the anti-abortion camp that increases the legal rights of fetuses—while attorneys say the bill removes protections from pregnant women.
No one should be fired for who they love.

LGBTQ workplace nondiscrimination bill passes House committee

The proposal is narrowly tailored to only prevent job-related discrimination. This is an effort to bypass opposition that has killed similar—but more wide-ranging—bills each of the past five years.
We're tired of asking, "Will this finally be the year?!" ... but, "Will this finally be the year?!"

A Medicaid expansion bill with work requirements passes House committee

Similar measures have failed for each of the past six years, depriving Wyoming of hundreds of millions of dollars and denying low-income residents access to healthcare.
Bill sponsors Tass, Clem, and Hutchings (from left)

Three anti-abortion bills are moving through the Wyoming Legislature

The proposals would create “waiting periods” before a woman can receive an abortion, penalize doctors for not reporting the procedure in detail, and give human rights to clumps of fetal tissue.
The Wyoming State Legislature's Oil King

Senate Committee chaired by Eli Bebout advances an oil tax break that would benefit Eli Bebout

Spoiler alert: The bill is also co-sponsored by Eli Bebout. Who says a Wyoming State Legislator can't get a little something for himself?
The gas chamber at the historic Wyoming State Penitentiary (photo:

A bill to repeal the death penalty is alive in the Wyoming State House

A solid majority of House representatives voted on first reading for HB-145, which would remove capital punishment from Wyoming law. It seems likely that the measure will advance to the Senate.
Bills to ban "crossover voting" keep advancing, like a stampede of zombie cows.

As lawmakers shoot down bills to ban “crossover voting” in Wyoming primaries, more and more keep coming

After seeing their sacred cow die twice, Senate leadership pushed a replacement bill through the friendlier Agriculture Committee, and a similar bill advanced in the House.

Anti-“freeloader” hysteria drives a bipartisan push for Medicaid work requirements

Wyoming women who have children and who work low-paying, unstable jobs would be most at risk of losing access to healthcare under two proposed bills.
In 2018, voters in Utah, Idaho, and Nebraska all chose to expand Medicaid

After Wyoming’s neighbors expand Medicaid at the ballot box, state Senate suddenly decides to “study” the issue

Sen. Charles Scott, who has led the fight against Medicaid expansion in Wyoming for years, is sponsoring the measure to provide "up-to-date" information.
House Bill 171 would clarify Wyoming's confusing CBD laws and develop infrastructure for the hemp farming industry.

House committee approves bill to legalize CBD and spur Wyoming hemp farming

A 9-0 committee vote gives the bill momentum as it moves to the full House for debate. But questions remain whether the Legislature is ready to accept CBD and whether it will provide funding for hemp farming infrastructure.
Somewhere deep in the bowels of the Jonah Building, Sen. Landen makes a sketchy deal.

Bill to ban “crossover voting” is brought back to life, demonstrating the Legislature’s shady tactics

The primary voting bill died—again. But the situation showed how back-door pressure, sketchy committee switches, and other behind-closed-doors moves shape what's supposed to be a public process.

Senate committee shoots down bill to ban gun-free zones at Wyoming schools and other public places

Former gun lobbyist Sen. Anthony Bouchard and his co-sponsors were the only people who spoke in favor of the bill.