Hotel and restaurant lobbyists approved of the proposed increase.
Hemp farming could be a lucrative industry in Wyoming.

Wyoming Senate committee advances hemp and CBD legalization bill

Not a single Wyoming lawmaker has, to date, voted against a proposal to legalize and regulate hemp farming and CBD products. But the bill comes with a price tag, which makes its future uncertain as it moves to the notoriously tight-fisted Senate.
Foster Friess likes playing with his new toy.

Foster Friess’ proposal to remove county authority over private schools moves forward

The billionaire megadonor’s bill faces stiff opposition from the Wyoming County Commissioners Association. The commissioners argue that it would strip local control from all Wyoming counties in the process of helping Friess’ pet project.
Recipients would receive refunds between $200 - 900.

Wyoming Legislature moves to reinstate tax rebate program for elderly and disabled poor folks

The rebate program had been in effect for 41 years before lawmakers canned it in 2016 in the midst of a mineral bust.
Wyoming is one of two states that have neither a corporate income tax nor a gross receipts tax.

The Wyoming State Legislature is seriously considering a "big box" corporate income tax

A proposed corporate income tax on "big box" stores like Walmart would not raise prices for consumers, but it would generate tens of millions of dollars per year for Wyoming schools. Is that enough to get it past the radically anti-tax Wyoming State Senate?
In Wyoming, rapists who impregnate their victims can sue for parental rights.

Wyoming Legislature struggles to take parental rights away from rapist ‘dads’

A disagreement over whether a man must be convicted of rape—rather than a woman merely presenting “clear and convincing evidence”—in order to lose his parental rights might scuttle efforts once again to ensure rapists don’t get to be daddies in Wyoming.
More money for the oilmen, less for teachers.

Wyoming Senate passes tax break for oil companies

Critics of the bill argue that the tax break won’t increase oil production, which is driven by global oil prices. But it would benefit the lawmaker who brought it, Eli Bebout, who owns an oil company.
According to the bill's sponsor, voter fraud like this could be rampant in Wyoming.

Wyoming House narrowly rejects voter ID proposal

Concerns about disenfranchising the elderly, tribal people, and overseas military personnel contributed to the bill’s defeat.
Excuse us, ma’am. We’re trying to make sure your doctor doesn’t get between you and your government.

“Fetal personhood” bill dies in the Senate, while an abortion reporting bill advances

The proposals were both sold as bills that have nothing to do with the abortion debate. This line of argument worked well for one bill, and not so well for the other.
The Legislature went home on Monday night without hearing HB-230.

House leadership buries workplace LGBTQ nondiscrimination bill, killing it

Since it died as the result of a procedural deadline, the proposal to protect LGBTQ workers in Wyoming received neither a hearing nor a vote in the House.
Smoke 'em while they're cheap!

House advances bill to increase Wyoming's tobacco taxes

Supporters said that higher tobacco taxes discourage kids from starting to smoke, and that non-smokers end up paying for smokers' healthcare costs.
The Legislature chose not to address low wages and a lack of healthcare access in Wyoming.

Bills to expand Medicaid and raise the minimum wage die in the House

Both proposals were watered-down versions of previous years’ bills. But lawmakers stood firm in allowing no policies that would improve the lives of Wyoming’s working poor.
Hotel and restaurant lobbyists approved of the proposed increase.

House bill would increase state minimum wage to $8.50 per hour

The proposal received the blessing of the Wyoming Restaurant and Lodging Association, even before the committee removed a provision from it that would have slowly raised the wage even more over the next few years.