The last anti-choice bill of the 2019 Legislative session advances to the Wyoming Senate

The bill would impose penalties on doctors who fail to report detailed information about abortions and the women who receive them. The three other anti-choice bills brought this session are dead.

Senate committee de-funds hemp bill, making it useless

The Senate Appropriations Committee removed necessary funding for the bill that would have made Wyoming’s hemp industry USDA-compliant. Now, the future of a once-promising industry looks bleak.

Wyoming Senate committee praises “big box” corporate income tax proposal … and then kills it

Three members of the five-person committee spoke positively about the bill. But so much opposition had built up against it in the Senate, the committee chairman decided it wasn’t even worth a vote.

Medicaid work requirements bill would dis-enroll 1,700 people in Wyoming, leaving hospitals and healthcare consumers to cover their medical costs

The bill would eliminate roughly $11.2 million in annual public healthcare spending, half of which Wyoming currently receives from the federal government. But without Medicaid, sick people seek healthcare from emergency rooms, which is even more expensive.

Wyoming Senate committee advances hemp and CBD legalization bill

Not a single Wyoming lawmaker has, to date, voted against a proposal to legalize and regulate hemp farming and CBD products. But the bill comes with a price tag, which makes its future uncertain as it moves to the notoriously tight-fisted Senate.

Foster Friess’ proposal to remove county authority over private schools moves forward

The billionaire megadonor’s bill faces stiff opposition from the Wyoming County Commissioners Association. The commissioners argue that it would strip local control from all Wyoming counties in the process of helping Friess’ pet project.

Wyoming Legislature moves to reinstate tax rebate program for elderly and disabled poor folks

The rebate program had been in effect for 41 years before lawmakers canned it in 2016 in the midst of a mineral bust.

The Wyoming State Legislature is seriously considering a “big box” corporate income tax

A proposed corporate income tax on "big box" stores like Walmart would not raise prices for consumers, but it would generate tens of millions of dollars per year for Wyoming schools. Is that enough to get it past the radically anti-tax Wyoming State Senate?

Wyoming Legislature struggles to take parental rights away from rapist ‘dads’

A disagreement over whether a man must be convicted of rape—rather than a woman merely presenting “clear and convincing evidence”—in order to lose his parental rights might scuttle efforts once again to ensure rapists don’t get to be daddies in Wyoming.

Wyoming Senate passes tax break for oil companies

Critics of the bill argue that the tax break won’t increase oil production, which is driven by global oil prices. But it would benefit the lawmaker who brought it, Eli Bebout, who owns an oil company.