Use this form to send your message to your lawmakers demanding that they stop cutting the Wyoming’s education budget 


You’ll write your message in the text box on “Part 2” of the form above, where it says “Personalize your message.” Your message will be delivered to your state senator and state representative.

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Part ONE: Introduce yourself.

My name is _______. I’m a _______ (parent, teacher, coal miner, concerned citizen, etc.) from ________, Wyoming. I’m a voter in your district.

Part TWO: Say what you want.

Please do not vote to support any further cuts to Wyoming public education funding.

Part THREE: Say why you want it.

[Write a sentence or two about why this is important to you]

PRO TIP: Change the “Subject Line” of your message to give it a better chance of being read (because it will look less like spam).

WARNING: Don’t write a novel. Lawmakers are very busy during the session and they will not read any long message.

We demand that the  state legislature stop cutting, and start solving

Wyoming should legalize medical cannabis icon

Wyoming students should be considered the state’s #1 natural resource

We demand that state lawmakers stop cutting Wyoming public school funding and hurting Wyoming students.


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Wyoming will need an educated workforce to remain competitive in both the national and global economy

Strong public schools are critical to developing a competitive workforce. To have strong public schools, they need to be well-funded, and teachers need to be adequately paid.

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We need an educated citizenry so we have the capacity to develop solutions to Wyoming’s problems in the future.

Strong public schools are critical to developing educated citizens—people who will be guiding Wyoming into the future. Public education is literally the foundation upon which our state is built.

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What else is there to cut?

The Legislature has already cut $100 million from public school funding over the past three years, and some lawmakers are eager to cut more. This is because they’re afraid to raise taxes, even though Wyoming wants good schools.

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The current Legislature is operating as if they don’t care

The recent education funding cuts have resulted in teacher layoffs, school closures, diminished program and supply budgets, delayed building maintenance, difficulties attracting and retaining personnel, and an overall threat to the quality of Wyoming public education.

Even with these consequences, there will be further attempts to reduce what many lawmakers call “bloated spending” on Wyoming education.