UW Board moves to grant itself unchecked power over reshaping the university during financial crisis

The board will vote next week to give itself the ability to single-handedly fire tenured faculty, cancel courses, and eliminate academic departments—big responsibilities for a group that's proven itself incompetent.

Education advocates reluctantly root for the lesser evil in the Senate

The Senate is considering a bill that would cut roughly $15 million a year from Wyoming public schools—but it's far better than the Senate budget proposal, which would annually cut about $80 million.

Rumors of a budget deal suggest no deep cuts to public schools this year

This session that saw threats of public school funding cuts as large as $80 million a year. But as a final deal nears, only a small fraction of those cuts remain, which education advocates are scoring as a win.

While the Senate looks to slash education, a House proposal would modernize revenue streams to put less toward savings and more toward schools

The two chambers will meet next week to negotiate a solution. At stake is whether Wyoming will take a more modern approach that saves public schools, or whether it will stubbornly keep pouring money into savings and decimate education.

Senate passes oil and gas tax break while Wyoming faces a budget crisis

The Senate's cuts to education are apparently their way of paying for tax breaks for oil and gas companies.

The Legislature’s education funding debate is on track for public school disaster

Conflicting egos, draconian cuts, and a staunch refusal to raise new revenues spell disaster for Wyoming education.

Senate budget proposes $130 million in cuts to Wyoming schools

The proposed cuts, on top of the $77 million the Legislature has already cut from public education over the past two years, would be devastating to Wyoming schools and communities.

Amendments to defund Wyoming schools pass Senate committee

The Wyoming State Senate wants education funding cuts so big that lawmakers know the Supreme Court will reject them. So, two senators are trying to change the constitution to make their cuts to public schools legal.

Senate Education Committee backs meager measure to promote state-supported early childhood education

Wyoming is one of the few states that doesn't fund early childhood education. A proposed bill won't change that—but it at least moves us in the right direction.

Back-door Bebout reassigns public school defunding bill to a friendlier committee

Senate President Eli Bebout (R-Riverton) on Monday reassigned a proposed Wyoming State Constitutional amendment that would defund public education after he realized the committee to …