Many of the people who would qualify for insurance are between 50 - 64 years old.

Second Medicaid update bill clears Wyoming Legislative committee

Two separate bills to extend insurance coverage to tens of thousands of Wyomingites have advanced thanks to public support and increased federal funding.
Wyoming lost 6,000 jobs in the mining sector last year.

Minerals committee hijacks bill to help Wyoming transition from fossil fuels

The proposal would have created an independent task force to explore how Wyoming workers and communities can persevere through the global transition away from fossil fuels. Instead, the Legislature’s House Minerals Committee—which works hand-in-hand with industry—amended the bill to put the “transition” task force under its own control.
The law would drive more women out of state to receive an abortion.

Abortion pill ban is part of suite of anti-choice bills before the Wyoming Legislature

A proposal to ban medical abortion would effectively end Wyoming women’s ability to terminate pregnancy in the state. Similar laws passed in other states have all been found unconstitutional.
Cannabis patients are an increasingly important part of the discussion about legalization in Wyoming.

Patients’ stories propel cannabis bill past Wyoming House committee

Personal liberty, access to treatment, and the high cost of locking up users all helped motivate Wyoming lawmakers to advance a bill that would fully legalize cannabis in the state.
Despite the Legislature's best efforts, coal has consistently declined.

The Legislature’s plan to keep Wyoming burning coal (whether we like it or not)

The Legislature has been working hard—and failing—since 2019 to prop up Wyoming’s coal industry. This year, proposals to support carbon capture, ban renewable energy, sue states that decrease coal use, and force coal-fired plants to stay open are all on the table.
Tens of thousands of low-income workers, mostly single mothers, would obtain basic insurance.

New funding, public outcry prompt Wyoming Senate committee to advance Medicaid bill

Dozens of people showed up Monday to demand the Legislature take advantage of COVID-19 relief funds that would cover the cost of updating Wyoming’s Medicaid program to insure low-income residents.
The wind industry is an increasingly important source of county tax revenue in Wyoming.

Wyoming Legislature continues its quest to punish renewable energy

Want to hurt businesses? Create an environment of uncertainty. That’s the plan for Wyoming lawmakers intent on kneecapping our wind and solar industries.
Some lawmakers think it makes no sense to cut school funding while sitting on billions in savings.

House Education Committee dials back Wyoming education cuts

Wyoming is not broke. And funding schools is a constitutional requirement. As lawmakers deliberate a bill to dramatically cut education funding, second thoughts begin to emerge.
Voucher programs across the nation have decreased student achievement, but they have succeeded in helping to defund public education.

Proposed school voucher program would further defund Wyoming public education

A bill to funnel public money to private, religious, and home schools will appear before a Wyoming legislative committee this week, providing lawmakers the option to offer students “thoughts and prayers” rather than sustainable school funding.
Supporters of the bill presented no evidence of voter fraud in Wyoming, yet claimed it might happen in the future.

Wyoming lawmakers use “voter fraud” hysteria to push ID bill

A bill to require Wyoming voters to present IDs at the polls will pass this session after several years of failure. As the Wyoming State GOP outlines plans to ban mail-in voting and other restrictions, the measure appears the first step in a larger campaign to limit elections in the state.
Bonnie and Nancy Bath plan to site wind turbines from the Rail Tie Project on their family ranch. They hope to make enough income to keep from having to sell the land for subdivision.

Clean power supporters convince Wyoming land board to approve wind energy lease

Energy workers, ranchers, and young people united to support a proposed Albany County wind farm, which wealthy local homeowners oppose. The state land board’s lease approval moves the project one step forward. But obstacles remain.
Cuts to in-home elder care programs will eliminate jobs and force old folks out of their homes.

Elderly, disabled, suffering: Proposed Wyoming healthcare cuts will hurt struggling people across the state

Wyoming lawmakers have “trimmed the fat” at the state Department of Health for years, including a $100 million budget reduction in 2016. Now, a new round of cuts will hit bone, eliminating critical services for our state’s most vulnerable residents and canceling programs that will cost the state more in the long run.